Friday, April 30, 2010

my purse... (^_^)v

well, thax enan for tagging me..(though i don't have any idea about what this tagging is about...hehe...) so, this is my wallet. black. i have another wallet also, from my frens. thax enan, aisyah, efa and chucky! love you all so much!

three bank cards, no money of course! and the bank islam cannot be used anymore...hehe

ic, licences, uum matric card, umno membership card (yeah, even i can't believe i have it!), and tropica life membership card.

touch and go card, and two tickets from movies (percy jackson and how to train a dragon). other tickets i kept it somewhere else...its toO many!

well, money shaped like love is from chucky, thax chucky! maxis simcard, writing from a friend back then from school, ayat 1000 dinar and al-fatihah...and a pic that i found back recently... i love it! (^_^)v

receipts, a lot of it!

one dollar, rm1, rm2 old version and rm50 new version..anyone who kindly enough to give me rm5 old version can text me anytime...hehe.. (^_~)

kept this money since 16/02/2006! wow...hehe...
well, that's the things that i kept in my wallet. now, i want to tag dear zulie, aisyah, esmawahida and leha! (^_~)v


  1. tag jgn x x abes2 conteng duit since skola dulu lg..hehee

  2. hee...yup..smpai skg ske menconteng...hehe ;P

  3. seb tu jugak ak salu je igt ko bile pgg duit yg kene conteng hehee =D